Where am I now?
Where do I want to be?
What is my biggest obstacle?

This is for the Man that is coachable – who’s a decent guy and wants to attract, date, and eventually build a relationship with beautiful, classy and intelligent women.


Coaching Men for Over 20 Years

“You will attract the woman (and the life) you
desire in direct proportion to how attractive,
deserving and confident you yourself feel. You
become more attractive by exuding more
confidence. You become more confident by
pursuing the best version of yourself.”

Book Excerpts

Go For The 10

Fact : The ”10” Girl or essentially the best of anything in life is much more attainable than the ”6”. The middle is crowded and competitive The top is not.

The Pussification of Man

When I first heard of the term “Safe Space” I thought of what my friends and I would search for in our 20’s after a night out of drinking, chasing women and 2 A.M fast food.

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant, “one fond of good living” 1690s, French. Great living is having the courage to pursue the limitless capacities of you. A man can do all things if he will. A Renaissance Man.

The power of take away

One of, if not the most effective aphrodisiacs is a word, and that word is “No.” It seems that more we chase something or someone, the more it eludes us.

Down but never out

Chart your course of action. Write down three highly probable action steps you need to take in order to make the storm go away. Make an assessment and go at it again.

The Breakup | The Prescription

So here is my advice for the breakup and this of course assumes you are contemplating getting back together.


I was engaged and for various reasons that ended. Doug continually coached me throughout. In his words “One door shuts and another one opens.” He was 100% correct. I just had to believe it.
Frank M.
Nassau, Bahamas
His experience is what puts the Jack Montana Coaching Series in its own class. I was being coached without even knowing I was being coached. Doug sees the end goal and charts your course. The subtle changes are life changing. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Chasing the dream daily. Thank you Jack!
Michael M.
Quito, Ecuador
The S/90 course is great. Some are revelations and others confirm what I was hoping was already the case. A couple small appearance changes really gave me an edge. I smile whenever I get a compliment. Nice confidence booster.
David T.
Chicago, IL
Significant in 90 Days should be called Significant for Life. My eyes are wide open everyday to endless possibilities thanks to Jack Montana.
Michael K.
New York, NY
I have confidence but I needed it polished. I have skills, but those needed even more polish. One day Doug told me something I will never forget. “You have to stop competing with who and what you are trying to attain. It is not a You vs. Her. It’s a You vs. You.”
Rick R.
Tampa, FL
The online dating game was new to me. He is right - everything is an acquired skill set. Acquire the skills and increase your odds in everything you do or wish to do.
Bill W.
San Francisco, CA
I am a surgeon. I was gladly introduced to Doug through a friend at a function. Within 30 minutes of meeting him he was coaching me. I said you should be a coach. He said “I am.” Thank you Jack Montana.
Sam P.
Brentwood, CA
I had a really good feeling after the initial consultation call. We spoke about everything from world travel to fitness to finance. My expectations have been far surpassed since. No BS and a joy to become the character I want to be. I am always thinking ABC’s. From one Jack to another. Thank you.
Jack R.
Oslo, Norway
His (Doug’s) candor, passion and experience is what makes me look forward to each weekly coaching call. He listens and recalls everything. It truly is a blueprint for life at any age.
James S.
Westlake Village, CA
All the course content, "Private Client" along with his stylist, esthetician etc. by itself is well worth it. Not to mention the online live dating profile in day 2. However, the personal attention to my specific situation was a refreshing surprise. I spoke to Doug (Jack Montana) several times after my 180 days. His passion to help others is a gift.
Ralph P.
San Diego, CA

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